Film (Actor)YearCharacter
Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men2022Campbell-Scott
Campbell Scott (Short)2020Campbell Scott
Red Means Go2015Sam
Red Tails2012Intel Officer
The Task2011Taylor
Love and Other Disasters2006Tom/Fantasy David
The Goodbye Plane (Short)2003Leonard aged 20

Theatre (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Someone Who'll Watch Over Me10th September-10th October 2016Adam
Beau Jest2008Bob
King JohnJuly-October 2006 English Herald
Romeo and Juliet6th April-14th October 2006Tybalt
Much Ado About NothingDecember 2006-January 2007Claudio
Much Ado About NothingNovember 2006Claudio
Much Ado About NothingMay-October 2006Claudio
The Postman Always Rings Twice24th May-13th August 2005Barlow
The Rivals14th May-12th June 2004Jack Absolute
This is Our Youth16th January-16th March 2003Dennis
The Play Room
Much Ado About NothingDon John

Theatre (Variety) (Actor) Date
Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration11th November 2019

Television (Actor)Episode/Season/SeriesYear/DateCharacter
WarriorA Window of F*cking Opportunity (episode 3.10)17th August 2023Douglas Strickland III
WarriorAll of Death Is Going Home (episode 3.9)10th August 2023Douglas Strickland III
WarriorYou Know When You're Losing a Fight (episode 3.8)3rd August 2023Douglas Strickland III
WarriorGotta Be Crooked to Get Along in a Crooked World (episode 3.7)27th July 2023Douglas Strickland III
WarriorA Soft Heart Won't Do You No Favors (episode 3.6)20th July 2023Douglas Strickland III
WarriorIn Chinatown, No One Thinks About Forever (episode 3.4)6th July 2023Douglas Strickland III
WarriorNo Time for F*cking Chemistry (episode 3.3)29th June 2023Douglas Strickland III
WarriorAnything Short of a Blow to the Head (episode 3.2)29th June 2023Douglas Strickland III
Superman and LoisWaiting for Superman (episode 2.15)28th June 2022Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisLies That Bind (episode 2.12)31st May 2022Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisBizarros in a Bizarro World (episode 2.10)26th March 2022Bizarro Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisAnti-Hero (episode 2.7)8th March 2022Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisThe Ties That Bind (episode 2.2)18th January 2022Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisLast Sons of Krypton (episode 1.15)17th August 2021Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisThe Eradicator (episode 1.14)10th August 2021Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisFall Safe (episode 1.13)20th July 2021Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisThrough the Valley of Death (episode 1.12)13th July 2021Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisA Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events (episode 1.11)22nd June 2021Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisO Mother, Where Art Thou? (episode 1.10)15th June 2021Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho
Superman and LoisLoyal Subjekts (episode 1.9)8th June 2021Morgan Edge
Superman and LoisHolding the Wrench (episode 1.8)1st June 2021Morgan Edge
At Home with the Braithwaitesepisode 4.212th March 2003Nick Bottomley
Superman and LoisMan of Steel (episode 1.7)25th May 2021Morgan Edge
Superman and LoisBroken Trust (episode 1.6)18th May 2021Morgan Edge
Superman and LoisHaywire (episode 1.4)16th March 2021Morgan Edge
Superman and LoisHeritage (episode 1.2)2nd March 2021Morgan Edge
The FixMaking a Murderer (episode 1.10)20th May 2019Matthew Collier
The FixJeopardy (episode 1.9)13th May 2019Matthew Collier
The FixQueen for a Day (episode 1.8)6th May 2019Matthew Collier
The FixGhost Whisperer (episode 1.7)29th April 2019Matthew Collier
The FixThe Fugitive (episode 1.6)22nd April 2019Matthew Collier
The FixLie to Me (episode 1.5)15th April 2019Matthew Collier
The FixScandal (episode 1.4)8th April 2019Matthew Collier
The FixThe Wire (episode 1.3)1st April 2019Matthew Collier
The FixRevenge (episode 1.2)25th March 2019Matthew Collier
The FixPilot (episode 1.1)18th March 2019Matthew Collier
The SaintPilot (episode 1.1)11th July 2017Simon Templar
NotoriousTaken (episode 1.10)8th December 2016Max Gilford
NotoriousChoice (episode 1.9)17th November 2016Max Gilford
NotoriousThe Burn Book (episode 1.8)10th November 2016Max Gilford
NotoriousChase (episode 1.7)3rd November 2016Max Gilford
NotoriousKept and Broken (episode 1.6)27th October 2016Max Gilford
NotoriousMissing (episode 1.5)20th October 2016Max Gilford
TryrantTwo Graves (episode 3.10)7th September 2016Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantHow to Live (episode 3.9)31st August 2016Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantAsk for the Earth (episode 3.8)24th August 2016Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantBedfellows (episode 3.7)17th August 2016Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantTruth and Dignity (episode 3.6)10th August 2016Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantA Rock and A Hard Place (episode 3.5)3rd August 2016Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantA Prayer for Our Daughters (episode 3.4)27th July 2016Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantThe Dead and the Living (episode 3.3)20th July 2016Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantCockroach (episode 3.2)13th July 2016Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantSpring (episode 3.1)6th July 2016Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantPax Abuddin (episode 2.12)1st September 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantDesert Storm (episode 2.11)25th August 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantZanjir (episode 2.10)18th August 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantInside Men and Outside Women (episode 2.9)11th August 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantFathers and Sons (episode 2.8)4th August 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantThe Awful Grace of God (episode 2.7)28th July 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantThe Other Brother (episode 2.6)21st July 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantA Viper in the Palace (episode 2.5)14th July 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantA House Built on Sand (episode 2.4)7th July 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantFaith (episode 2.3)30th June 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantEnter the Fates (episode 2.2)23rd June 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantMark of Cain (episode 2.1)16th June 2015Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantGone Fishing (episode 1.9)26th August 2014Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantGaslight (episode 1.8)19th August 2014Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantMeet the New Boss (episode 1.8)12th August 2014Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantPreventative Medicine (episode 1.7)5th August 2014Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantWhat the World Needs Now (episode 1.6)29th July 2014Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantHail Mary (episode 1.5)22nd July 2014Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantSins of the Father (episode 1.4)15th July 2014Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantMy Brother's Keeper (episode 1.3)8th July 2014Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantState of Emergency (episode 1.2)1st July 2014Barry Al-Fayeed
TryrantPilot (episode 1.1)24th June 2014Barry Al-Fayeed
HuntedSnow Maiden (episode 1.8)7th December 2012Aidan Marsh
HuntedKhyber (episode 1.7)30th November 2012Aidan Marsh
HuntedPolyhedrus (episode 1.6)23rd November 2012Aidan Marsh
HuntedAmbassadors (episode 1.5)16th November 2012Aidan Marsh
HuntedKismet (episode 1.4)9th November 2012Aidan Marsh
HuntedHourglass (episode 1.3)2nd November 2012Aidan Marsh
HuntedLB (episode 1,2)26th October 2012Aidan Marsh
HuntedMort (episode 1.1)19th October 2012Aidan Marsh
MirandaJe Regret Nothing (episode 3.4)14th January 2013 Dr. Gail/Doctor Gail
Dragon Age: RedemptionSaarebas (episode 1.6)14th November 2011Carin
Dragon Age: RedemptionMercenaries (episode 1.5)7th November 2011Carin
Dragon Age: RedemptionNyree (episode 1.4)31st October 2011Carin
Dragon Age: RedemptionJosmael (episode 1.3)24th October 2011Carin
Dragon Age: RedemptionCarin (episode 1,2)17th October 2011Carin
Dragon Age: RedemptionTallis (episode 1.1)11th October 2011Carin
HawthorneA Shot in the Dark (episode 3.10)16th August 2011Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneSigned, Sealed, Delivered (episode 3.9)9th August 2011Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthornePrice of Admission (episode 3.8)2nd August 2011Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneTo Tell the Truth (episode 3.7)26th July 2011Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneJust Between Friends (episode 3.6)19th July 2011Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneLet Freedom Sing (episode 3.5)12th July 2011Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneA Fair to Remember (episode 3.4)5th July 2011Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneParental Guidance Required (episode 3.3)28th June 2011Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneFight or Flight (episode 3.2)21st June 2011Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneFor Better or Worse (episode 3.1)14th June 2011Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
Waking the DeadSolidarity (episode 7.2)28th March 2011Piers Kennedy
Waking the DeadSolidarity (episode 7.1)23rd March 2011Piers Kennedy
UndercoversDark Cover (episode 1.12)2nd January 2011Tomas Hauptman
MirandaThe Perfect Christmas (episode 2.6)20th December 2010Dr. Gail/Doctor Gail
Mistressesepisode 3.426th August 2010Dominic Montgomery
HawthorneNo Exit (episode 2.10)24th August 2010Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
Mistressesepisode 3.319th August 2010Dominic Montgomery
HawthornePicture Perfect (episode 2.9)17th August 2010Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
Mistressesepisode 3.212th August 2010Dominic Montgomery
HawthorneA Mother Knows (episode 2.8)10th August 2010Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
Mistressesepisode 3.15th August 2010Dominic Montgomery
HawthorneHidden Truths (episode 2.7)3rd July 2010Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneFinal Curtain (episode 2.6)27th July 2010Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneThe Match (episode 2.5)20th July 2010Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneAfterglow (episode 2.4)13th July 2010Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneRoad Narrows (episode 2.3)6th July 2010Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneThe Starting Line (episode 2.2)29th June 2010Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
HawthorneNo Excuses (episode 2.1)22nd June 2010Steve Shaw/Dr. Steve Shaw
Mistressesepisode 2.624th May 2009Dominic Montgomery
Mistressesepisode 2.517th March 2009Dominic Montgomery
Mistressesepisode 2.410th March 2009Dominic Montgomery
Mistressesepisode 2.33rd March 2009Dominic Montgomery
Mistressesepisode 2.224th February 2009Dominic Montgomery
Mistressesepisode 2.117th February 2009Dominic Montgomery
Doctor WhoThe Unicorn and the Wasp (episode 4.7)13th June 2008Roger Curbishley
Mistressesepisode 1.612th February 2008Dominic Montgomery
Mistressesepisode 1.55th February 2008Dominic Montgomery
Mistressesepisode 1.429th January 2008Dominic Montgomery
Mistressesepisode 1.322nd January 2008Dominic Montgomery
Mistressesepisode 1.215th January 2008Dominic Montgomery
MistressesMen Behaving Badly (episode 1.1)8th January 2008Dominic Montgomery
Sensitive SkinThe Wilderness (episode 2.1)26th June 2007Greg
The Line of BeautyTo Whom Do You Beautifully Belong (episode 1.2)24th May 2006Ricky
Sensitive Skinepisode 1.615th December 2005Greg
Sensitive Skinepisode 1.41st December 2005Greg
Vincent episode 1.217th October 2005James O'Connor
Making Wavesepisode 1.414th July 2004Lt. Sam Quartermaine
At Home with the Braithwaitesepisode 4.69th April 2003Nick Bottomley
At Home with the Braithwaitesepisode 4.52nd April 2003Nick Bottomley
At Home with the Braithwaitesepisode 4.426th March 2003Nick Bottomley
At Home with the Braithwaitesepisode 4.319th March 2003Nick Bottomley

TV Movie (Actor)DateCharacter
The Whale26th November 2011Captain Pollard
Abroad14th March 2010Edward Walpole

Television (Short) (Actor)Date
Ingham Infiltrates: Robbie Williams6th December 2006

Television (Variety) (Actor) Date
Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration1st January 2020

Documentary (Television)Date
Doctor Who Confidential: Nemesis17th May 2008

Commercials (Television) (Actor)Year
Sacla Pesto Sauce 2008

Commercials (Television) (Voice)
Hyundai i30
Goodyear Tyres
Virgin Bank
Don't Drink and Drive
Pizza Express

Radio InterviewDate
Shaun Keaveny15th October 2012

Internet Interviews (Videos)Date
iHollywoodTV12th March 2019
Flicks And The City3rd December 2012
BBC4th October 2012

Internet Interviews (Q and A)Date
The Fix Season 110th April 2019
The Fix Season 13rd April 2019

Internet Interview (Panel)Date
Entertainment Weekly: Around the Table14th May 2021

Internet Messages (Video)Date
Superman and Lois4th May 2021

Featurettes (Film) (DVD) (Interview)Year
Tracers: The Art of Motion: The Making of Tracer2015

Panel (Television)Date
2019 Winter Television Critics Association: The Fix Season 15th February 2019
2014 Winter Television Critics Association: Tyrant Season 114th January 2014

Panel (Television)Date
Superman and Lois Season 18th February 2021

Posters (Television)Year
Tyrant: Season 32016
Tyrant: Season 22015
Tyrant: Season 12014

Magazine (Print) (Front Cover)Date
Cigar AficionadoAugust 2016
The Hollywood Reporter13th June 2014

Magazine (Print) (Modelling)Date
RedApril 2013

Photography (Internet) (Modelling)Date
Marianne Taylor Photography6th December 2016